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Welcome and thanks for visiting y’all!

Maria Burton Photography is your choice for capturing that special memory to last a lifetime!  Maria is a celebrated Rhode Island lifestyle photographer specializing in family portraits, children, weddings, engagements and sailing regattas.  Maria approaches her photography sessions with professionalism, southern charm and the intentions to bring out the REAL personalities in people.  Contact Maria Burton for portrait photography in Tiverton, Bristol, Providence, and Newport areas as well as any other location in Rhode Island and the New England areas.

Looking for an engagement photographer or the perfect wedding photographer? Maria Burton Photography will capture the love and bliss of your special day through classic black and white images and crisp color photos with a genuine and fun approach. Weddings with Maria Burton Photography result in truly beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

With a love for travel and an eye for beauty, Maria will travel near and far to capture your special event. Maria Burton also travels to local beaches and parks for sunrise or sunset family portraits at some of Rhode Island’s special locations. Contact Maria Burton Photography to set up a photography session for Massachusetts, Nantucket, Connecticut, and any New England location near or far!

As a Rhode Island lifestyle photographer, Maria works with you before and after the photography session to ensure you receive the vision and images you are looking for. Please feel free to contact Maria to see if she can photograph your loved ones or special event!