adventurer.  mother.  Artist.

 I'm a New England wedding and portrait photographer based in the seaside town of Tiverton, Rhode Island.

It's so nice to meet you, friend.

Welcome, I'm Maria  (pronounced "Mariah")

It's about more than pictures; it's about the stories, the places, the traditions, and the bonds we share.

After our wedding day spent surrounded by the warmth of friends and family, my passion for capturing love stories was set in full sail. It's funny how life comes full circle – meeting my husband on Nantucket, turning our 1906 house into our home, and now, celebrating the same kind of joy and love I found, through my photography.

This journey brought me to the most beautiful harbor—my wedding on Rose Island, where the salt-kissed scenery of Narragansett Bay was the perfect backdrop for beginning a new chapter.

My time at sail, combined with the adventures I've had traveling the globe with my husband – whom I met on the charming island of Nantucket – have deeply influenced my approach to photography.

After 5 years as a Charter Boat Captain, I traded in my duffle bags for dry land & a camera bag.

My Story

from Hannah & Trevor

"She makes everyone feel so comfortable, is creative, friendly, easy to work with, and an amazing photographer."

from Knightly

“Maria was the loveliest person to be around and her photos beautifully captured the joy of the day”

from Jack & Elena

“We truly loved working with Maria and would 100% recommend her to anyone in the New England area. It's so special that we met a photographer who we look forward to working with as our family grows!”

from clients who have touched my heart

My everyday joys



New England Style

There's something about the classic charm of New England that I can't get enough of – whether it's a seaside sunset or the crisp scent of ocean air mingling with fresh hydrangeas. Give me a New England summer day, a lobster roll in hand, friends and family by my side, and I’m in my happy place. 

Moose & Whiskey

Our two Bernese Mountain dogs, Moose and Whiskey, have turned our home into a place of joyful chaos and cuddles – they're the heartbeats at my feet. They've converted me from "not an animal person" to an obsessed dog mom.

Collecting Antiques

I've got this thing for old stuff with soul – the kind that's been around the block and has stories to tell. Cars, boats, houses, furniture, you name it! My husband and I comb through New England's antique troves, searching for pieces that don't just fill our 1906 home, but complete it.

Family Moments

There's no greater joy than the beautiful chaos of family life. My daughter's laughter is the sweetest melody in our home, and each day with her is a reminder of life's most precious moments. I cherish everyday moments with them – from lazy Sunday mornings to elaborate birthday party plans to salty, sunny beach days together.

Travel & Adventure

Wanderlust isn't just a word for me; it's a way of life instilled by my dad's adventurous spirit. It's taken me from living abroad to journeying through over twenty countries, with a month-long honeymoon trek through Vietnam and Thailand. Each trip is a new chapter in my life's story, with Iceland and Italy up next on the itinerary

Precious artwork of your little ones


Sweet family memories year after year


Colorful & classic New England nuptials


Whether you're celebrating love, capturing a growing family, or cherishing the delicate early days of your child,  find the perfect session experience tailored just for you.

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