Hingham Heirloom Portraits


Spring Heirloom Portraits in Hingham, MA

Heirloom portraits are an excellent and timeless way to capture your child and preserve memories that will last a lifetime. When a client reached out this winter to see if I’d consider visiting Hingham, MA for a Hingham Heirloom Portraits Event – and the answer was a resounding YES! These Hingham Heirloom Portraits certainly did not disappoint! I am excited to announce that because these spring heirlooms were in such high demand, I will be hosting another set of heirlooms in Hingham on August 9th! Sign up using the link here.

This sold out event was a great test for me to branch out past my RI network and expand my offerings to Massachusetts clients. Twelve precious children came into my rented studio and gave me 10-20 minutes of smiles and laughter each. I offer a client closet of smocked dresses for these events, but each of my clients this time around chose something special for their child.

In our fast-paced lives, heirloom photography encourages families to pause and capture the unique ages and different stages of their children. It truly goes by SO fast! Heirloom photography sessions offer a glimpse into the past, a connection to generations gone by, and a promise of memories preserved for future generations. 

I loved capturing all of the unique personalities of these little ones. Through my lens, I had the privilege of witnessing the magic sibling connection and the power of preserving memories that span generations. The sweet bonds between these sibling duos was such a joy to witness! It is always a gift to be a part of my clients cherished moments together.

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