Finding Flow | January 2019


January’s Finding Flow

I’m starting a new series here, inspired by a design blog I follow, Emily A Clark! If you ever need simple design inspiration she’s your girl! Emily also does a killer monthly review on all her “good things”. My new series, Finding Flow, will include little snippets of things that I found over the month that I LOVE, found inspiring or just helped me live a little more intentional, inspiring life. Oprah talks all about finding flow in our lives and I just LOVE this concept. I am always seeking “flow” in my business, personal life, and life as a wife, dog mom, and sister, daughter & friend.  These tidbits along the way are what has helped me get there!

Bernese Mountain Dog Whiskey ready to read
Inspiration for a better January:

Brand New Day by Sting | New morning routine involves blasting this baby to get some motivation for the day! Thanks to @naptimekitchen for this inspiration!

Little by Little | This phrase is my new mantra. I have been feeling weighed down by big picture items that need to get done in life + my business. This little phrase reminds me that every step, every move leads me to the big picture.

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends | If you are local to Newport and want to learn everything there is to know about Doterra Essential Oils and how they can benefit you, contact @mere.jane. She is the Essential Oil guru that has been life changing for my health in the last year! At some point in the day, I am running my diffuser and lately I am loving this combo: Balance, Vetiver + Lavender.

Juicing | I wasn’t sure if this was going to be “for me”, but I am loving my Breville Juicer! I had no idea how much energy I would get from a small glass of juiced kale + apple + ginger + cucumber. Loving this and plan to continue my Sunday morning juicing sessions.

Business Pinterest Account | Ok, I am finally jumping on this FREE and very valuable platform to help drive clients to my business. I’ve had this account for three years but really have never utilized it. January was my first month stepping into that shallow end of Pinterest. Excited to see where it leads!

SkinnyTaste: Fast + Slow Cookbook | I literally would not be able to live without this cookbook. Every single recipe in this book is drool worthy. And let me emphasize that the recipes are simple ingredients, can be quick or can be thrown in the slow cooker, and allow for leftovers.

Bodhi Spa | Calling all Newporters that need some self-care…run, do not walk, to Bodhi Spa. A friend and I went to their water journey mid-month and it was such a refreshing, relaxing experience. I literally felt my body unwind and release so many toxins – definitely plan to make this a monthly treat.

Face Mask | I am totally late to this trend, but I tried a face mask for the 1st time this month and all I can say is, “Wow! Where have I been all this time??” Loving this Aztec Healing Clay and plan to incorporate this into my weekly self-care routine!

Podcast Episodes | Podcasts on the daily. Working from home can be hard…lonely, uninspiring and boring. I talk to the dogs A LOT. And now I’m learning to incorporate podcasts into my daily practice to add some spice to my life. Loving these this month: Emily P Freeman @ The Next Right Thing + Oprah Soul Conversations + For the Love with Jen Hatmaker.

Book | A Place for Us | My friend Ginny is an avid reader and also an author!!! She is crazy talented and she is one of my go-to’s for book recommendations. She said A Place for Us was her favorite read for 2018.  I am halfway through and totally in love with this book already…more to come in February!

2019 is off to a great start. Learning new practices, trying out new products and trying out new ways to find my flow!

On to February!




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