Fogland Beach Family Session


Fogland Beach, Tiverton | Fall 2023

I know most of my clients prefer sunset time. This Fogland Beach Family Session is here to prove that mornings can be just as beautiful AND you will (mostly likely) get a cooperative toddler! Win win!

This Tiverton based family is just as sweet as they come. Molly is genuinely the happiest little girl I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph. She just radiates joy!! And her parents also have those shiny smiles and contagious laughs.

We met up at Fogland Beach in Tiverton just before everyone had to go to work and daycare. It was a gorgeous September morning with a light breeze and big puffy clouds. Perfect for a Fogland Beach Family Session! We spent some time getting those favorite “Christmas Card” photos and then let Molly play on the beach. We threw rocks, raced, and did the ever popular daddy throws.

I’ve found a few things that make a successful family session with toddlers:

  1. Mornings! Toddlers and young kids are spent at the end of the day. When you opt for a morning session your toddler has *hopefully* had a good night’s sleep, eaten breakfast and is ready to explore. They typically listen better and are more agreeable to be in front of the camera.
  2. Lots of variety! Toddlers attention spans are short, so you have to switch things up often.
  3. A full belly! Feed your children before you arrive at the session. It doesn’t matter what time your session is, a full belly usually means a successful session.
  4. Go with the flow parents! If you are low key, engaged with your kids and willing to play, we will get those posed moments you want, but really we get so much more. We get all those beautiful moments of connection.
  5. Bribes! No one is below this…believe me! A little treat or promise of an adventure after the session keeps kids engaged and on their best behavior.

Can’t wait to go back to this great spot when the weather turns warmer!

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